Equipment (RoadRailer and Container)

Wabash National's RoadRailer® Van is a unique bi-modal trailer which can operate both over the highway as a semi-trailer and over the rail in trains. For rail operation, the trailer is mounted on the special RoadRailer Mark V™ rail bogie. The mode transfer operation is performed in moments using the trailer's air-ride suspension, with no lifting or cranes required. The RoadRailer system provides fast, high quality, damage free intermodal transportation. Lightweight, aerodynamic RoadRailer trains use only about half the locomotive power and fuel of conventional piggyback trains.


RoadRailer dry van features include:


Low Tare Weight: The RoadRailer trailer’s tare weight is only about 800 lb. more than the equivalent conventional over-the-road trailer.

Maximum Interior Dimensions: "No compromise" interior dimensions exactly  match those of the over-the-road trailer and are superior to all domestic containers.

High Strength Construction: Special design RoadRailer trailers are built to withstand rail tension and compression forces of 200 tons... sufficient for operation of long 125 trailer trains.

Air-Ride on Highway: Unique RoadRailer air-ride suspension provides a smooth ride on highway and extra lift for transfer between highway and rail modes. Unlike conventional air rides, RoadRailer’s "Parallel Arm" suspension keeps the trailer safely at the dock by eliminating trailer "walk" during forklift loading and unloading.

Slack Free Coupling: The RoadRailer coupler is virtually slack-free, eliminating the railroad train action that causes product damage in conventional intermodal service. The typical RoadRailer train has 99.6% less slack than a conventional piggyback train, and 95% less slack than a typical double-stack train.

Maximum Cargo Security: With only 12" between trailers in a RoadRailer train, doors cannot be opened and cargo remains safe and secure.

Rail Brake System: Each trailer is equipped with a 1-1/4" i.d. railroad brake pipe with gladhands for compatibility with conventional rail braking equipment.



Overall Length* 53'
Overall Height 13'6" on 47" fifth wheel
Overall Width 102-3/8"
Inside Length 52' 5-1/2"
Inside Height 110" front, 112-1/4" rear
Inside Width 101-1/4"
Cubic Capacity 4,066 cu. ft.
Door Opening 98" wide x 111-3/8" high
Kingpin Location 36"
Highway Tandem Closed, air ride, sliding w/295/75R-22.5 tires
Tandem Locations Rear - 78" from rear of trailer
Front - 149" from rear of trailer adjustable in 4" increments

All units conform to AAR Plate B clearance diagram for height.


* Does not include front coupler (for rail operations) which projects 22" forward of front wall of trailer. In calculating trailer length, the coupler is excluded by Federal Regulations.