Safety and Service Bonuses

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A tractor trailer unit at a railroad crossing presents the professional driver with a situation demanding close observation and constant evaluation. Heavy traffic or bad weather adds more variables to the danger, so professional drivers must always take special care at railroad tracks. Keep the following tips in mind:

  • Remember that railroad crossings are dangerous, so always drive as though a train is approaching.
  • Your ability to see oncoming trains must determine your speed, so drive slow enough to stop short if a train appears around a corner or on a hill.
  • The road surface at many railroad crossings may be rough, so reduce your speed to avoid damage to vehicle or cargo.
  • The noise in your cab may prevent you from hearing the train horn, so don’t rely on hearing the train.
  • Don’t let traffic “trap” you on the tracks – always make sure you can safely get all the way across the tracks.
  • Crossings with steep approaches can cause your unit to hang up on the tracks. If this should happen, immediately report the crossing location and ask that the railroad authorities be notified.

Triple Crown Services has implemented a program to recognize owner operators who consistently provide a high level of service. In today’s competitive truckload freight marketplace, this is the type of performance that sets Triple Crown apart from literally thousands of other carriers.

The Gold Crown Service Program rewards top tier performers by offering a bonus of $1,000*. Selection is done semiannually and is based on compliance with the contractor operating agreement, safety and federal regulations, and customer on time performance.

Rates are subject to change.

Triple Crown is a service leader and a safety leader. Once each month we honor those who have achieved a level of safe driving performance. This award recognizes their professionalism in dealing with on the road traffic situations and other congested areas. Drivers are presented special decals for their truck to display number of safe driving years.