Bi-Modal Transportation

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Bimodal Transportation begins and ends with Triple Crown RoadRailer trailers being transported to the origin or destination by highway from one of 14 terminals in our Service Areas. What happens in-between is what makes Triple Crown unique. Service from terminal to terminal is accomplished with dedicated rail service utilizing RoadRailer equipment.

Triple Crown trailers ride on rail bogies rather than being lifted up and placed on rail cars. This eliminates the risk of cargo damage from shifting freight while handling.

Triple Crown RoadRailers are backed onto the track and placed into position to couple to the rail bogie assemblies. The RoadRailer's unique air ride system lifts the trailer gently as it is backed over the bogie for attachment. Once the bogie is in place, the air system lowers the trailer and lifts the tires off the tracks.

Triple Crown trailers are connected together and provide a slack-free ride on the rail. Each Triple Crown dedicated train can move up to 150 units from terminal to terminal at a time.

Locomotives from Norfolk Southern and others provide power for Triple Crown's regularly scheduled dedicated trains providing premium service for Triple Crown customers.